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First Transfer Secretaries (Private) Limited is the leading securities Transfer Secretarial firm in Zimbabwe, managing over 290,000 account records and over 42% of the listed securities on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. As an organisation we are dedicated to the provision of premium service, utilising innovative technology and industry expertise to deliver tailored best practice solutions and value to our stakeholders.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Our suite of services are comprehensive, incorporating share registry administration, meeting and capital market services, as well as various specialist functions including the administration of employee option schemes , company secretarial services, shareholder analytics and investor relations.

Diverse Client base

FTS's clients span the entire sectors of our industry, small and large, as well as dually listed counters. We take a partnership approach, developing quality solutions to meet the unique requirements of each and every client, whilst having the resources and capacity to support large volume transactions.

Our Services

First Transfer Secretaries (Private) Limited offers the following

Share Registry Services

Registry management can be an expensive and time-consuming overhead for your business. Registry management is our core business, let our experience, systems and processes help to significantly reduce the cost of your registry management overheads and free up time so that you can focus on your core business.

Rights Issue

FTS administers Rights Issues straight from the preparatory stages, offering professional advice through our dedicated team that have expertise in ensuring the success of capital raising initiatives.

Share Splits

FTS is responsible for administering share splits. A share split is a corporate action in which a company’s existing shares are divided into multiple shares.

Estate Administration

FTS administers the registration of Deceased Estate. A Deceased Estates Requirements checklist can be downloaded to assist administrators with the complex and time consuming process of managing an estate.


When a company wants to go public, often there are a lot of administrative issues and statutory requirements involved that will prove quite expensive for the company to handle this on its own. FTS has experience in handling IPOs with qualified personnel and executives who can lend advise on how to handle an IPO.


Reports can be generated daily/ weekly / monthly/ annually. We provide detailed shareholding reports; statistics, shareholding movement summaries and consolidated reports as well as detailed share register analysis.



Working with First Transfer Secretaries has brought an added value to our professional life. The quality of their service is refreshing, inspiring and memorable.

-Mr C Banda
Company Secretary
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FTS take a partnership approach, developing quality solutions to meet the unique requirements of each and every client.

-Mr T Mabeza
Company Secretary

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Premises and business facilities

FTS premises are located at No. 1 Armagh Avenue, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe. The new premises offer a calm environment for conducting business, safe parking space and close proximity to the CBD.