Corporate Actions

Rights Issues

FTS administers Rights Issues straight from the preparatory stages, offering professional advice through our dedicated team that have expertise in ensuring the success of capital raising initiatives.

FTS has handled rights issues for more than 25 years and a track record of past Rights issues handled can be viewed on our milestones page.

Share Splits

FTS is responsible for administering share splits. A share split is a corporate action in which a company’s existing shares are divided into multiple shares.

Although the number of shares outstanding increases by a specific multiple, the total dollar value of the shares remains the same compared to pre-split amounts, because no real value has been added as a result of the split. The stock's market capitalization, remains the same, just like the value of the $100 bill does not change if it is exchanged for two $50s. For example, in a 2-for-1 split, each shareholder receives an additional share for each share he or she holds, but the value of each share is reduced by half: two shares now equal the original value of one share before the split.


FTS is responsible for administering share consolidations as well as for assisting in the consolidation of registers.

Consolidation is a form of reconstruction. It is the combining of a company's shares (from a larger number of shares) into a smaller number of shares, each with a correspondingly higher market value. The total value of any Investor's holdings is not affected by the consolidation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

FTS is an administrator of mergers. A merger is the combining of two or more companies.

Generally by offering the stockholders of one company securities in the acquiring company in exchange for the surrender of their stock. In the pure sense of the term, a merger happens when two firms agree to go forward as a single new company rather than remain separately owned and operated. This kind of action is more precisely referred to as a "merger of equals". The firms are often of about the same size. Both companies' stocks are surrendered and new company stock is issued in its place. So, basically, a merger occurs when two companies become one. This decision is usually mutual between both firms.

IPO Administration

When a company wants to go public, often there are a lot of administrative issues and statutory requirements involved that will prove quite expensive for the company to handle this on its own. FTS has experience in handling IPOs with qualified personnel and executives who can lend advise on how to handle an IPO.

Bonus Issues

FTS handles the administration of Bonus Issues.

Private Placements

FTS offers management of your Employee Share Ownership Scheme.

Our premium service offering incorporates the full life-cycle of plan management; design, implementation, ongoing administration and regular review and re-design. Our expertise in employee communication and ongoing plan analysis ensures your plans continue to meet the needs of your business and are an effective retention and motivation tool for employees or executives.