Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should i do if i have lost my share certificate ?

The following documents are required to replace a missing share certificate:

  • A police report should be obtained to initiate a lost certificate replacement request.
  • A completed form of indemnity by the shareholder.
If you know the certificate number and the number of shares represented by the missing share certificate, you should download the form of indemnity from our site. Print off and complete the form of indemnity in BLOCK CAPITALS. You will need to fill in the name of the company in which you hold shares, the certificate number, the amount of shares, the class of shares, your full name and your address.

If the details of your missing share certificate are not available then you will need to contact our office so that we can inspect the share register. We will then send you a form of indemnity for your signature. The completed and signed form of indemnity should be returned to our office together with a fee of $5 in respect of our administration costs.

2. How can i confirm the number of shares that i hold ?

(On which counter (company) do I have shares? How can I confirm if my shares are still valid?)

For all confirmations of holdings, kindly send us an email with your request at info@fts-net.com, if you are a company kindly state your company registration number or National ID for individuals. A confirmation will be mailed back to you.

3. How can i transfer share from a deceased stockholder ?

  • Letters of Administration (from the High Court)
  • Certified Consent to Transfer Letter / Certificate of Authority (from the High Court)
  • Certified Copy of Death Certificate
  • Original share certificate(s)
  • Certified Copies of IDs of beneficiaries
  • Completed and Signed Securities Transfer Form (this can be obtained from a number of places, including Stock brokers, the High Court, or at our offices)

4. How can i change my address ?

Kindly send us an email with your updated details or download a change of address form from this site and mail it to our offices.

5. How can i check if any dividends have been paid to me ?

Send us an email with the full details of the name that your shares are registered in and we will email back the details relating to any dividends that were paid out.

6. How can i know the current share price of my shares ?

The current share prices of shares are usually published daily in the business sector of the newspapers, and also on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange website at http://www.zimbabwe-stock-exchange.com/.