Payment Services

Scrip Dividend

FTS manages the processing and administration of scrip dividends.

Cash Dividend Payouts

FTS is responsible for the calculation, processing, and distribution of dividends as well as dividend reconciliation.

Dividend payouts are the amount of cash that a company sends to its shareholders in the form of dividends. The company can decide to send all profits back to its investors, or could keep a portion of it as retained earnings.

Dividend Reconciliations

FTS administers the payment of dividends as well as the dividend reconciliation.

Dividend reconciliation is an auditing process of finding out if shareholders have received payment of the dividend money and also establishing if the dividend money was paid to the correct shareholders.

Bond Administration & Interest Payments

When companies want to raise money they borrow from the public in the form of bonds. FTS administers the bond register, the transfer of bonds, issuing of bond certificates and coupon payments (debenture interest payments). FTS also administers the repayment of the principal amount to bondholders at maturity.