Share Registry Services

Share Registry Administration

Where We Come In

Registry management can be an expensive and time-consuming overhead for your business. Registry management is our core business, let our experience, systems and processes help to significantly reduce the cost of your registry management overheads and free up time so that you can focus on your core business.

A Complete Registry Solution

FTS offers a complete solution to your share register management needs, using state of the art data management systems which allow us to manage share registers with a quick, convenient and reliable approach.

Registry Services Provided

  • Transition and implementation of registers
  • Maintenance of shareholder details
  • Processing of transfers, allotments and redemptions
  • Calculation and payment of dividends and distributions
  • Application for Exchange Control approval on behalf of clients
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Calculation and allocation of advisor commissions
  • Capital Raising Corporate Actions (IPOs, Rights Issues, Private Placements)
  • Bond Management and administration of interest payments
  • Monitoring of dually listed counters
A more detailed description of these and more of our services is given in the services menu.

Estate Administration

FTS administers the registration of Deceased Estate. A Deceased Estates Requirements checklist can be downloaded to assist administrators with the complex and time consuming process of managing an estate.


Reports can be generated daily/ weekly/ monthly/ annually.

We provide detailed shareholding reports; statistics, shareholding movement summaries and consolidated reports as well as detailed share register analysis.

Our system has made us unique in that we have given dynamic service to our clients on most complicated transactions. We have never failed to offer a service to our clients because we couldn't do it. The customized needs of our clients including various reports have been catered for through our dedicated IT staff and an efficient software environment.

Shareholder Inquiries

For any inquiries please send us an email using the form in Contact Us page or any other email client to

Employee Share Options

FTS offers management of your Employee Share Ownership Scheme.

Our premium service offering incorporates the full life-cycle of plan management; design, implementation, ongoing administration and regular review and re-design. Our expertise in employee communication and ongoing plan analysis ensures your plans continue to meet the needs of your business and are an effective retention and motivation tool for employees or executives.